I saw an actor friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in a few months at a show the other night, and she looked AMAZING.

Buff, fresh, happy, pretty. In true ‘I make commercials and cliche dialogue happen’ form, I said you look amazing! What’s your secret! and she replied, I’ve been training for a marathon! Duh. I should have known. Blaine and Carrie have been training and running and both look and feel amazing. So when will I ever get on this boat? Running is by far the best exercise, and subsequently, the most challenging. My only experience with this ‘running’ was when I was in high school and my Dad would make me run the parcourse with him (a mere 1.13 miles) and I would make it, sometimes with him dragging me along by the hand, and sometimes I would puke after, but hey, I made my Dad proud, and discovered calf muscles.

Mayhaps I will give it another try?

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