the pulitzer prize for drama


I have never given tons of thought to this sought-after prize. I did, though, write a  little one act entitled ‘the pulitzer prize for drama,’ which I thought was hilarious. (Did you know that hilarous only has one ‘L’? Why am I just now figuring this out? Have I been mis-spelling this my WHOLE LIFE?) It’s about a young playwright who gets nominated – and he’s up against a 12 year old girl from the Czech republic who wrote a play about being molested as a child – and this drives him insane. He can’t even enjoy his success. Though: as it turns out, I am dumb, and the Pulitzer can only be awarded to Americans anyways. Hmm. Should rewrite that one day. And then it will get the Pulitzer, and I will laugh knowingly.

Each year, the prize seems to just be announced, and I’ve never known what goes into determining who gets it. It seemed to be one of those mysterious ‘they come at you in the night wearing capes, and bestow it upon you’ type things. But as I get older, I guess, and more clinically obsessed with how to make a career of playwriting (STOP, BEKAH, STOP!) I’ve been paying more attention. The 2010 award is announced today, and I’m absolutely paying attention. After all, it is like our Olympics.

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