Baby New York


Nestled between Pennsylvania and Jersey (sort of? right?) lives baby New York, Philadelphia. Why, they even have their own little Grand Central, complete with large, awkward metaphorical statues. And in Philly, there are about a zillion incredible theater companies – my favorite being The Philadelphia Theater Company – who take risks on crazy young writers, like myself, and like Kris Diaz’s The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Diety (Interact) WHICH WAS NOM FOR PULITZER PRIZE. GO, KRIS, GO!  I took a quick comfy amtrak ride down there yesterday for a reading of Oohrah! And was amazed and impressed by the caliber of the actors, and the theater’s genuine interest in developing new plays. It’s a great thing, to feel like you’re making little drama play homes in other cities. I will most certainly be going back!

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