a recipe


I am very much equal parts my Mom and my Dad. And myself, I guess. Hmm, I could totes extend the crap out of this metaphor. My Mom she is – sugar? Powdered sugar? She also might be sprinkles. My Dad, he is flour. Or baking soda. And I – I am paprika. What? I am – cinnamon? I might be cinnamon.

I also might be garlic salt.

Point being: My mom is shy; my Dad: ¬†extroverted. I fluctuate back and forth. I was thinking about this this weekend when, all of the sudden, I felt like I had no social skills. This happens sometimes. I guess it is a human thing, and not a Bekah thing, per se? Either way, I think I like this about myself, very much. I like that I am sometimes shy, and sometimes un-shy. Sure, I don’t seem to have much control over it, but I think I’d rather uncontrollably flip back and forth than be extremely one or the other.

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