last one on the Boat


I have recently discovered two awesome things, and, as per usual, I am probably the last person on earth* to do so.

First: Final Draft’s REVISION MODE. Whattt??? Genius. If you are in revision mode, all of the changes you make appear in Red, so that the director does not have to search laboredly through the new draft for changes. Duh. Amazing.

Second, this lady, Ingrid Michaelson:


this totally cute, weird little theater student turned singer-songwriter from Staten Island. She’s a completely self-made lady, producing her own songs, and gained popularity when they made it to Grey’s Anatomy and Old Navy commercials. And yes, her songs COULD be heard as cheesey, but nah, I say they are entirely happy, cute and smart. And so, I bought about 300 of her songs.

* This is probably not true, as there are PROBABLY people on earth who have better things to do than write screenplays and download music.

** For more excellent unicorn art, kindly visit Really.