Hello! I  have many emotions and am oftentimes morbid.

In a single 45 minute commute, one can be bombarded with a slew of unsettling news items in the AM New York Paper. It is nearly too much to digest so early in the morning, but there’s something about the thought of NOT reading it that makes you feel weirdly ill-prepared to face the day. This morning, 2 bits of linked news: A.) Zazi pleading guilty, and confessing to, yes, plotting to blow up NYC trains – his reasoning? To sacrifice his own life to bring attention to the deaths of innocent civillians in Afghanistan. Next piece of news: General apologizing for the accidental deaths of nearly thirty Afghan civilians. Ugh. Something that certainly won’t bode well with the terrorists. I try not to spend too much time worrying about whether my commute will end in blood / tears, but on days like this, I really just can’t help it, and should probably turn this angst into a poorly written play. With dancing bombs.

And fire gobo’s.

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