things I often say


I frequently get frustrated at my speech patterns; the dumb things that I know that I say, but that I can’t stop saying. Don’t even get me started on ‘like.’ Last week I suddenly started saying ‘that’s hot,’ like, a lot, and steve almost broke up with me. Today (or, last night, in rehearsal) – I realized how often I say ‘do you know what I mean?’ Mainly when trying to talk about something I’ve written. It usually comes after I’ve rambled about something, and serves to ask, are you following me? Am I completely insane? I have no idea what I just said. What did I say????  I guess it’s a pretty useful speech-habit, kind of like saying ‘What?’ even when you’ve heard someone, to give yourself a few more moments to process and respond. Do you know what I mean?

Please say yes.

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