WARNING: DO NOT EVER GOOGLE WEIRD PIERCINGS. I am nauseous now. I did not want to see babies with septum rings, or people sticking wine glasses / scissors through their tongues, or people who have turned their tongues into zippers.

I was just going to reminisc-y about my once-piercings. Yes, I was quite cool. At one point, back in the day, I had a nose ring, belly button ring, tongue ring, and some sweet gauges in my ears. In fact, my friends and I would share gauges to stretch our ear-holes out.


For the most part, I’m pretty stoked that I was able to outgrow this phase – though I must say, parents, I went through it with elegance; grace. It could have been a lot worse. But I do, from time to time, miss having them, in a nostalgic, look at me I have things stuck in my face sort of way. Especially the nose ring, which I still think is the cutest thing ever, though painfully inappropriate for young ladies approaching 30.

Or is it? Hmm. Okay, now I go disinfect a safety pin.

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