The Rules


Thar’s a play in here.

I don’t mean Don Imus, though maybe I sort of do. Terrifying. I DO mean Ellen and Sherrie, also pictured above – co-authors and co-founders of this crazy book called The Rules.

Have you heard of this book? It’s a self-helpish best seller, about how, by playing by the ‘Rules,’ a lady can land a dude by playing some serious hard-ish to get.

While I want to think that if you like someone, you should be able to be ‘eeeee! Guess what! I like you!’ It does make sense that some coyness / mysterious is better than ‘eeeeeee!! Guess what, I like you all the time!’ Being mysterious / unattainable requires a bravery that I, and I bet most gals, do not naturally possess. So I think I respect this book and it’s subsequent success.

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