Today, Steven and I went where no Steven and Bekah had ever gone before – in pursuit of Grown up Glasses! We are both horrible to our eyes (well, Steve at least takes his contacts out more than once every four months.) Steve’s former glasses, though, are aged and broken. So, finally, we ventured. Armed with our newly found Optical Insurance, we felt invincible. Granted, glasses are still seventeen thousand dollars, even WITH insurance, I think we did a fine job stylishly nerdi-ing ourselves. Steve selected these super power Persol frames:116827.jpg…..Please note the awesome lightning bolt thing on the side. I selected some Modo frames which are red, though you can’t really tell below –   modo-5010-eyeglasses-red-purple.jpg which render me a hot/ weird / lesbian librarian. I’m going to wear them. With dresses.   

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