jeremy piven

 speed-plow-jeremy-piven_l.jpgIt is very much the rage to cast the famous in plays, as it brings in the audience.   Me being of the theater persuasion – here is where I wryly comment on the recent jeremy pivens / Speed the Plow scandal at the Atlantic. Note: I am extremely under-informed. Note: I will offer no new info, I will merely comment. So’s: in December, Jeremy left the cast of the Atlantic’s production of Speed the Plow – a really amazing Mamet play regarding LA fil exectutives. He left, claiming mysterious bloody noses due to mercury poisoning. Um. Not cocaine. Though my mom has frequently  left me voicemails and sent me emails re: mercury poisoning, and it’s dangers – I feel like it takes a serious lot of sushi to actually obtain said poison. And yet – the production, states the nytimes, has gained from his random departure back the SAGs (LA, Sunday, scruffy beard) – he’s been replaced by William H. Macy, apparently for the better. My spies at the Atlantic have yet to be able to score me tickets, or I’d tell you myself. Such is the tale when you cast celebs in your drama plays. Not that that will keep me from casting Jim from the office in my next, so that I may fondle him under a folding table.I’m kidding, Steve. I’m kidding.   

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