mes cousins!




Cousins: They’re like you – but not.

You share similar noses but entirely different philsophies in terms of hair. (I’m not trying to hate – Shannon’s hair is severely impressive. I mean, can you hair do that?)


I was graced this weekend by a visit from 6 of my lady cousins: sisters Elli and Epiphany Bray, sisters Cana and Ella Bray, ms. Keri Pendergrass, and Ms. Shannon Bray – ranging in age from 22-27. In all of our years, we’ve never really gotten to hang out as a group so it was grand. We are all very different, but bound by blood and memories and shared secrets and whatnot. I think I’m trying to say something profound about family. Insert profound thing about family. No but really, these gals are the closest things I have to sisters (save. Ms. Anne and Sarah Kilby) so it was really wonderful to see them.


There was much posing, strutting, consuming, ‘booty’ dancing, much talk of family tattooes, but fortunately, no actual Getting of. There was also a decent amount of cute fatigue.


It’s hard enough to handle getting your one Self around the city, and figuring out what to do with yourself. Add six ladies, it’s quite a challenge – but I must say, there’s nothing like visitors to make you re-embrace this place life’s put you in, stinks and noise and all –


Okay, I admit it – I chose this place. And I freakin love it here.

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