Joe Pug


People,  I must share with you my friend Joe Pug. He was a theater-y friend of mine at Chapel Hill – after I graduated, I heard he sort of disappeared – left UNC for Chicago to work in construction. To which I thought: right on, Joe Pug. I have an odd amount of respect for people who take the path less taken as my path has always been predictable. Anywhoo.

In college, Joe was an actor and writer – he re-emerged later as a singer / songwriter, and Oh Man. I’d listened to his music online, and finally saw him live for the first time as week at Union Hall in Park Slope (great music venue – with Bacchi ball, and sandwiches, and things.) I was blown away by this person, this Pug, who all along had this amazing voice and skill and didn’t even bother to tell anyone about it. It’s soothing, Bob Dylan-y, achey, and wonderful – I reccomend Hymn 35 and Call it What you Will (itune it tout suite.) Listen to his freakin words, man. Poetry.

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