Elephants are scarier than tornadoes because they have souls.  

In honor of my new play Miss Lilly Gets Boned, please enjoy this elephant:


Let’s call him Harold after the elephant in the play, who is publically hung for killing a tourist.

Harold says:

I’m bigger than you. My lungs are the size of your bed.

Among other cryptic elephant things. Miss Lilly is getting workshopped over the next few weeks by the Babel Theater Project – so I find myself consumed with elephant thoughts, and thoughts of science, and thoughts of God.

God says you’re born bad but if you’re faithful and try hard, you can overcome your evil nature.

Science says that you’re born good an the world screws you up, and this is not your fault.


I’m trying to, for once, not do 8,000 things at one time, but instead  truly focus on making this play better. It’s hard to focus, though, what with the evil Elephants taking over the world, and all, stampeding towards my apartment.

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