A Weekend in Review, Pt 3: The Brooklyn Museum

Loyal Fanbase, may I present the Brooklyn Museum. I’ve been meaning to go for about seven years, and today, I finally went.

For a mere quad-pain inducing bike ride, or a quick hope on the ol’ 2/3, one can experience the least crowded museum, well, ever. With your student ID, just 4 bucks. Free bag check, a nice big bathrooms with lots of mirrors so you can waste time trying to implode that irksome under the skin thing that’s been growing on your face.

But check out the exhibits, too!

Seriously – it was eerie-ly quiet. I’m used to my museum with a hefty side of baby cry and accidentally walking into the person in front of you, and the person in front of you Getting Pissed in French.

The design of the building is awesome, really soothing. Yes. A building can be soothing. Like a back scratch or a violin. Don’t second guess me. You are wasting your thoughts.

Highlights were this collection of New York Landscapes from the 19th century that were pretty breath taking, and I’m not usually a landscape painting kind of gal: but they were so detailed, were vast, these huge paintings of mountains/shipwrecks, what have you: and each painting had these bright little people living inside of them.

Another highlight was the Global Feminism exhibit, which was nuts.5. Pieces of work from women all over the world since the 90’s that I can’t begin to put in to words. And I couldn’t take pictures in this exhibit, so I won’t put it into visuals, either but: let’s just say live video feeds of a woman hula-hooping with a piece of barb wire, a lesbian going through her breast binding ritual, lots of other assorted boobs, and a compilation of every scene from every movie where a woman gets hit: entitled love.

I’m glad I went.

As for a rest of the museum, take a looksie.


Get Ye there, Stat.

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