today, I am tired.

Which feels like this.


We arrived last night at the theater for the first time at 11 pm to find a stage bearing something like this:


Steve, please forgive my lo-res picture. But for serious, fan base, this is what we had to work with, which was awesome and horrible.

I stayed up all night last night writing a play for the 24 Old Vic/ New Voices.  The Atlantic Provided: electric outlets, beer, coffee, very small pita’s, pretzels, peanut butter, Honey Nut Cheerio’s, and a printer. I provided the Blow Pops.

Tonight, my ten minute play, ‘The Easy Way to Quit Smoking,’ will make its debut at the Atlantic Theater, which is incredible. I’ve seen something amazing stuff on this stage and never thought I would have a show there.

I will shortly after get drunk with Spacey. Pray for me that I do not fall asleep.

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