on Park Slope


see – it totally 100% fear of the unknown that keeps us from making drastic and smallish changes in our lives. like trying – just for a like a week – to NOT eat cheese. Or quitting smoking. Or wearing high waisted things.

Or trying a different neighborhood in brooklyn.

Steve and I biked today from Greenpoint to Park Slope – visited Ms. Marilyn LB at her hair salon- then biked through Prospect Park, went all the way up to the Botanical Gardens/ Brooklyn Museum (but did not acutally enter either – another day.)

some serious beautiful

People, it was some serious beautiful the whole way. Granted, the weather has been PERFECT lately and not too hot but – the areas we rode through – Cobble hill, Park Slope, Prospect Park – were adorable, beautiful, awesome. Beautiful tree lined streets with happy people selling books and drinking iced coffee and walking dogs, babies. Loves it.

There are so many places to live in Brooklyn that are great – granted a lil further from manhattan but -cheaper – lovely – coffee – people – beer – wait i dont really drink beer – errr –

eliz my new roommate is here to measure her new room. she likes french stuff and is cute. i am stoked to live with her.

sara ruhl’s eurydice selling out like nobody’s business. i GOTTA see it. or i will implode.

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