this is covid

I don’t want to make light of this, because I know that nearly 7 million people have died of Covid, but last night, when I finally got my positive test, I finally felt like I was part of something, I felt like starting a non-profit or sending out a bunch of dramatic tweets or at least singing an uplifting song with some famous people. I felt like standing on the interstate with a mean face and a sign, WE ARE COVID! After three years of wondering if there was something wrong (or right?) with me, I feel like I finally belong. For all concerned parties, WE ARE FINE, it’s just been a cold for us, tho I can’t really taste or smell which is great for Thanksgiving. If you need me, I’ll be healing, obsessively checking Bob’s temperature, and huffing seasonal candles and mounds of sausage until I feel anything again.

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