All day we’re setting timers for Joe, five minutes until it’s time to get ready for school, you can watch TV for ten more minutes then it’s time for dinner, you can play for three more minutes then it’s time for bed! His life is timers and when we wake up our phones, they ask us, SET A TIMER FOR FIVE MINUTES? Because they know. The other day he looks up at me with the most earnest of eyes and says, but how about…we DON’T set a timer, and we just play? I didn’t have the heart to tell him that for the rest of his life, there will be Time. Maybe every now and then there will be a very good vacation, or a day here and there, in which you can forget Time, but even then, there is the creeping feeling that the day will end or soon you’ll have to go back to the airport. And there will always be the feeling of just wanting to Play. Instead of telling him all of this, I set a timer for one more minute, he asked for five, and we met in the Middle, at three.

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