break fast

I’ve been intermittent fasting and pretty much off dairy / gluten / carbs for NEARLY FIVE MONTHS NOW, and it’s sort of become the new normal. I basically don’t eat between 6:30PM and 10:30AM, and of course there are moments when I want to swan dive into a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, but mostly I find it to be extremely easy and sustainable, and, AND, I can now wear things I haven’t fit into since before Joe, I can lift my children without googling sciatica relief, and I sleep great. Intermittent fasting can can weight loss because it does something with your blood sugar and something with fat storage and hormones that I don’t have time to copy and paste right now, but to me here’s why it actually works: by the time you get to eat breakfast, you are VERY HUNGRY, and you will eat anything. Mustard eggs becomes waffles with whipped cream, cashews are everything bagels with cream cheese, carrots are blueberry muffins just out of the oven, it’s all just so delicious that if you close one eye, it’s an all you can eat Christmas breakfast buffet with an omelette station AND dessert tower. You have a renewed appreciation for what food is, you can taste it all, it’s not a feeling or means to an end, it’s FUEL, (except for gummy worms, what are those, they might be Intestines Decorations.)

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