I’m leaving in Januaryyyyyyyyy, I get to BE a part of it, new york, new yorkkkkkk! Our marquee went up today at our theater and she’s gorgeous. Another in a series of surreal images and moments. Really tho, IS THIS REAL? IS THIS DREAMS? Did I manifest this or was it work? Am I 41, or am I 12, driving back from the YMCA with my Dad singing the Ragtime soundtrack wishing all songs could be Sarah Brown Eyes? Am I here or I am in grad school sitting on the floor of the drama bookshop reading Sarah Ruhl wishing all characters would turn into almonds? Is it me or am I in 26 in an airport, flight home delayed thanksgiving day, writing a play that will get me my first job that actually pays in money that allows me to pursue projects that I truly care about and buy the medium nice diapers for my kids? AM I NOW, OR AM I FEBRUARY 10? I CANNOT WAIT.

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