Give me a break

I feel guilty admitting this feeling given all we went through to have our dear children, but I also imagine it’s a very human feeling, so here is my very human feeling: as much as I love our kids and I love taking care of them, specifically feeding them, bathing them, reading to them, putting them to bed (TOO MUCH PLAYING WITH DOLLS AS A GIRL? YES) I never aspired to be a stay at home Mom, which I’ve sort of become in this writer’s strike. I’m trying so hard, straining even, to be grateful for this time, but I miss work. I love being a working parent / Mom, because Balance. I love how the two things inform each other, each gives you a break from the other headspace. A long stressful day trying to take notes or solve a story problem that to you doesn’t exist, or hob-nobbing, or trying to pitch your weird idea that only feels special to You, you leave it all and come home to tiny people who just want to play and or eat, and it’s so much simpler, all they want is cheese or to play monster, and all you have to do is be present with them, and then THIS becomes mind-numbing, and you get to go back to figuring out how to cut 5 pages out of an already 53 page script. The two spaces make me happy and complete and full. I desperately need both. AMTMP, if you are reading this, 1. WHY ARE YOU READING THIS GO MAKE A DEAL 2. from all of us working turned stay at home parents: PLEASE GO MAKE A DEAL, SO THAT BALANCE CAN BE RESTORED AND I CAN STOP DREAMING THAT MY FINGERS ARE MADE OF STRING CHEESE.

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