Traffic Jam

Joe is an LA kid so his favorite games are Traffic Jam and Parking Lot. The big cars, or the little cars, or the big cars and then the little cars, all have people inside with jobs, like acting or writing or picking cherries or selling yellow marshmallows, and they have to get to work but then OH NO, THERE’S A TRAFFIC JAM! Some sort of emergency vehicle takes a quick break from saving kittens who are stuck in trees and helps the car that’s causing the traffic jam clear the way, so that the rest of the cars can get their people to their important jobs selling Pencils or growing Plums. Once the traffic jam is clear, the cars are free to head to work, except but then they have to PARK, they have to squeeze into spaces between each other that sometimes aren’t big enough, you have to check to make sure they have room to open their doors. Once parked, the people inside can go to their jobs, while the cars sleep and wait until it gets dark, hoping that there won’t be another traffic jam on the way home (THERE WILL BE.) Leaving all of this here so that tonight, when he wants to play traffic jam for the 4832450234923402nd time, I’ll remember that it’s not just maddening and repetitive, it’s also adorable and a glimpse into a beautiful brain, making it my favorite game too, not just his.

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