Strawberry chocolate mint dinosaur dump truck cake

Sometimes this blog is not a blog but actually just a cake case, displaying all of the cakes I make because I love nothing more than to neglect real responsibilities and put way too much time and energy into a Cake, specifically I love taking Joe literally when I ask him what kind of birthday cake he wants. I nearly forgot to mention here, my first child turned THREE YEARS OLD LAST WEEK, and this three year old requested a strawberry chocolate mint dinosaur dump truck cake, and what sort of mother would I be to not give him EXACTLY THAT? I had to bring the cake layers, frosting and hand mixer up to the mountains on ice, I brought a hand mixer to revive the buttercream, Amazon primed the dinosaurs and construction vehicles because I’m only human, stole the strawberries from cousins, pretended that green frosting meant mint so as to not confuse palates. He’s going to be so confused as an adult, when he asks for a pomegranate calculator cake and it doesn’t appear. I’LL DO IT ‘TIL I DIE, JOE, AND MAYBE A LITTLE BIT AFTER.

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