take a bow

One of my favorite things about Morrison’s family (specifically my Mother-in-Law) is that they put bows, like actual RIBBON BOWS, on presents. At Christmas time, every present is wrapped and tied up with a piece of ribbon, a nice thick glossy ribbon, and I’m always like, WHAT AM I, A QUEEN? It’s like living in the 20’s right before the depression, opulence and optimism and pretty bows on everything. In our house, there’s a wrapping paper cabinet (the Dream, or MY dream?) and in it, a big happy stash of assorted ribbon left over from previous birthdays. Our friend had a baby boy so I dig through the ball for some ribbon to tie onto a bottle of very cold champagne, so that the new parents can be both sleep deprived AND hungover. I find a piece of light blue. It’s the little things, it’s always the little things, the tiny extra thing that takes a few more seconds or costs a few more bucks, that makes life just 3% more thrilling, that takes our day from normal to quietly the best.

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