flying with two kids

Let’s check all our bags except for the bag that will have most of their things, some things will go in a carry-on bag but then some will go in their checked bags, there will be one bag with both of their things, about 90 back-up pairs of clothes, and maybe a piece of gum for each of us. We’ll push the stroller and the carseat to the gate and check it there, presuming that he’ll walk the whole way and she’ll be in the stroller. You carry his car seat and the carry-ons, I’ll push her. We’ll tuck the carseat base into the bottom of the stroller, check it all planeside, and he’ll sit in HIS carseat on the plane. You’ll sit with him, I’ll hold her, if we need to switch I’ll sit with him, or I’ll hold him. Stay with her while I take him to the bathroom. Then I’ll hold him, you hold her, and we’ll all hold each other.


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