What’s to say that hasn’t already been said? But would I even BE a writer if I didn’t say what’s already been said a million times, but through the lens of my own experience? Today. thousands of tv and film writers go on strike, for fairer compensation, more reasonable work contracts and conditions, and literally for protections so that our jobs aren’t given to AI. One of the issues on the table is the Mini-room: when a streamer, say Hulu or Netflix, decides to hire a small group of writers to brainstorm a show for a short amount of time, before they decide if they want to actually make it. The problem with these rooms is that for many writers, they turn the job into a part-time gig. Me? I love a mini-room and have benefited from them greatly. They allow me to make some quick cash and to toggle between projects and interests. But it’s not about me. Because of my Guild, I’m home on paid parental leave right now, Joe and Bob have health insurance, so I’m out here standing with my Guild, by which I do not mean picketing outside of Disney, but home sucking snot of my baby’s nose, hoping to pay for her college.

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