This Easter, we decided that since we have a toddler and a 5 week old the most LOGICAL thing to do is HOST EASTER IN OUR BACKYARD, because at some point along the way, after years of hosting Easter potlucks in Brooklyn, at my Disney cottage in LA, and now at our house, I became synonymous with Easter and I’m not mad at it. Oh, do you know Bekah? She does Easter! Please let this be my legacy. Easter is all about rebirth, renewal, and we have, as a family, been born again and perhaps risen from a Grave. There were moments of panic, back sweat, dread and doubt, WOULD WE PULL IT OFF? But friends brought ham and salads, I strapped the girl to myself and she slept, we paid someone to watch TV with a momentarily anti-social joe, we all had fractions of adult conversations, people stayed to help clean up, and as I finally lay down last night, quivering with jelly beans, I felt hopeful about life proceeding as normal, and remembered that anything is possible with friends, all you have to do is open your doors and have many, many rolls of paper towels.

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