Hours Devoures

Stay grounded, the writer was told by her father, if you find success in your career, don’t let it go to your head. Stay humble and kind, said all of the country songs, the ones that weren’t about whiskey or Georgia or Beer. You got it, she said, I hear you, I’ll just never actually learn to spell, that’ll do it. Whores dervs, she confidently typed forever, never bothering to look it up, Herbs Dorvs, she decided, for some reason writing lots of things that concerned platters of small food. HERNS DEVORES, she put into an actual document that she submitted as actual work. HARB DEBROVES, she tried, refusing to learn, staying relatable and accessible, even when she had twenty minute zooms with C list celebrities and was given that one plaque for her wall. HER DERVS.

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