one star

Morrison loves to both threaten and leave one-star yelp reviews when companies give him the run-around, it’s a platform that gives power to the consumer, and it’s a good thing, as long as we don’t abuse it, which he does not. But me, I’m always like MAYBE THEY WERE JUST HAVING A BAD DAY! or MAYBE SOMEONE’S MOM WAS SICK! or basically any excuse because I wouldn’t want anyone ever consuming MY product and publicly noting: meh, one star. BUT THEN THE DISNEY VILLAINS AT CROSS COUNTRY MOTOR CLUB TOWED MY CAR TO TAKE IT TO THE SHOP AND HAVE BEEN HOLDING IT HOSTAGE FOR 9 DAYS, ACCUMULATING STORAGE FEES AND MY 9.5 MONTHS PREGNANT RAGE, COMMUNICATING ZERO AND MAKING LESS SENSE, TRAPPING ME IN A VERY LONG DUDE WHERE’S MY CAR, making me feeling like I’M the crazy one, taking up hours of my day. One star for you, fuckheads. MAY ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL VEHICLES GET FILLED WITH MELTING POPSICLES AND SAND.

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