These Men

We just spent a mildly absurd amount of money purchasing a download of EVERY SINGLE TAKE from Joe’s recent Headshot shoot I mean pre-school picture day, and I’ll never regret it, because he is literally bringing heat and smizing and telling eye stories in every frame, effortlessly oscillating between whimsy and gravitas like he knows he needs to pictures for both single cam comedy AND the latest HBO woman murder show. When I get my picture taken I tend look like a bee flew up my butt (Morrison’s exact words, and they’re true) but Joe clearly has his Dad’s calm, natural gorgeousness, like a redwood tree became a person and put on a gently used T-shirt that perfectly matched their eyes. It’s an honor, really, to just get to be with them, and next to them. Reach out of you need a new face for your line of baby Cologne?

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