For a while now, Joe has known that my job is Writer, Dad’s job is Actor, and his job is to play with cars. But Monday he starts a MONTESORRI PRESCHOOL, SOB, and the word job is about to take on a whole new meaning. All day he’ll be engaging in different jobs, ie playing with different things. Things that he’s not supposed to touch, ie the light switches pictured here that he definitely tried to touch, will be Not his Job, instead, a teacher’s job. His life will be full of his job, and not his job. We spent approximately 40 minutes there yesterday and I already feel like 10 times a better person and that raising a toddler is infinitely possible, which is maybe because of a gas they pump into the room? But either way, I want to embrace Jobs. A job can be to blog, to make dinner, to write, to take out the trash, to check on someone, to read a book, to do nothing, to rest. Rest can be a job. And some things just AREN’T YOUR JOB. I hope this is just one of the many ways in which having a kid means doing life all over again, but learning how to do it better. ONTO THE NEXT JOB (SLEEP)

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