Uncle Dan

We’ve been very lucky to have the help of everyone from family and friends to friends of friends, strangers, and strangers that we employ, to help us keep Joe alive during this insane time for our family. My favorite has definitely been yesterday, when Uncle Dan kept Joe alive for a good two hours at the park so I could, what did I do? I think I brushed my teeth and emptied the dishwasher? He left confident, vibing with his nephew, knowing well where the parks and the snacks were. Two hours later I went to relieve him and found Joe screaming with a hunger he didn’t know he had, and a helpless Uncle swearing he was fine until someone took his fire truck. Turns they’d been vibing so much that Joe hadn’t had a snack. As I desperately squeezed a pouch into Joe’s mouth, as the tantrum slowly left his body, Dan declared, …..this is hard. Yes Dan. Yes. But it’s WAY LESS LESS HARD when you’re surrounded by 90 people who love you, and your kid, who will take them to the park so you can pee.

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