voice to text

My new favorite thing is when your phone is recording a voice memo and you don’t know it and the product is a gorgeous, absurdist monologue that contains little pieces of your life. Buried in the memo below that’s Morrison talking to me yesterday morning as we spiraled with logistics as Joe shouted about Cars, you’ll find the VERY EXCITING NEWS that Morrison booked a job in NYC and just left for the airport and left Joe with me (and many very capable and generous friends and family and hired helpers.) SIRI HELP ME TAKE CARE OF MY CHILD WHILE MY PLAY IS IN PREVIEWS.

Yes I’m still reading the book you want to get mom for one oh yeah nice work DOMS special morning so I’ve got an idea right now what mama yeah Joe it’s because mom and dad have a lot to talk about this morning and we need to be focused on that so Because dad got a job how about that every day I get the job it’s gonna be lotta stuff to talk about so we’re gonna let you watch cars tell me which one you wanna watch cars on the road OK this one what is the weather credit time I’ll

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