to all the young women

For the last month and some change, I’ve been staying at corporate apartments in buildings in Chicago that are filled with literal Young Urban Professionals. Their gyms are teeming with young beautiful women and I can tell by their running and crunching and lifting that they have no idea how gorgeous they are. Here’s what I want to say to them: the time when you finally have the body you want is Now. Someday — if you want them, and if you’re lucky — you will have kids that will most likely make you fat, and the amount of fat they make you will be equivalent if not surpassed by the amount of Happy. You will look back on pictures of yourself in the tiny blue shorts, eating a strawberry, finishing the race, and long for the body you never knew you had. Start loving yourself NOW, while you can, exercise not just your tiny butt but also your ability to accept yourself. You will need that muscle even more than the rest of them.

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