girl with many necklaces

Ingrid gave us all these beautiful tiny notebook necklaces, which reminds me a burning question I’ve always wanted to ask: THE WOMEN WHO WEAR 90 TINY NECKLACES AT ONE TIME, HOW DO YOU DO IT. If I even THINK about putting more than one necklace on, they get so tangled that I have to remove them with a pair of industrial scissors. Is wearing many necklaces one of those things that’s just an illusion? Are those tiny gold threads that are somehow not touching each other actually just painted onto the girl’s neck? Or do they, too, run home every night in search of a hacksaw to take them off? I want to believe that everything that feels unattainable to me is actually a lie. But I also want to be a girl who wears many many tiny necklaces, each one a separate thought around my neck that never confuses itself for another.

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