Joe now understands the concept of Now, that you don’t actually have to wait for something, or put it off until after the thing you have to do, you can demand that thing happen NOW. Yesterday I put his waffle on the wrong table and he cried on the floor. I’m supposed to be speaking to him in yes-no sandwiches, making him feel heard while also letting him know that I’m in charge, but I want to apologize, agonize. Yes, playing with cars is so fun! But right now, we can’t play cars, we have to take a bath. But after the bath, we can play with cars! He’s changing and I’m flailing to keep up and understand him and put aside my own feelings and just love him, Now. He wakes up and tells me that he dreamt about waffles, cars. This morning, his waffle is on the right table, and tomorrow it will probably be the wrong one, he’ll want the waffle on the ceiling or the floor, but for Now, just this little Now, all is well. Do these waffles come with both syrup, and therapy? ASKING FOR US.

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