the mamas on the bus

Today, on the patriarchal norms cemented in Children’s songs, why do the Mamas on the Bus say SHH SHH SHH, and the Daddy’s on the Bus Say I love you? Morrison has been flipping it for Joe so that sometimes the mamas declare love, and the Daddy’s lay down the law, so that both love and order come from both Mom, and Dad, tho really actually, Morrison is the fun and present one, and I’m the one frantically emptying the dishwasher, wiping down the counters, and my Fun Thing is teaching Joe how to put his dirty clothes in the hamper all by himself. The mamas on the bus, in fact, send work emails while filling out insurance forms, while planning birthday surprises while trying to eat less bread and engage their pelvic floor, while worrying about money and moles, while soothing, while loving, round and round and round, all while on a bus, which is both bumpy, and late.

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