a polish

I’m currently working on my first movie polish job, which basically means, I’m hired to gussy up a certain character or storyline in a script that’s pretty much working, big picture wise. I don’t get written by credit per se, but I do get paid to help. So far it’s immensely satisfying, as Big Picture is not my strong suit. My strengths lie more in the specific things that people say and what they’re afraid of, and with a polish, this is what I get to focus on. Also I’m happiest when I feel like I’m doing good work. Aren’t we all? AND SO, THUS BEGINS my career as a rock tumbler, plugged into a wall after a fifth grade trip to Hiddenite. I didn’t make the rocks, or find them, they were given to me in a bag from the gift shop, so I could pretend that I did. Gems will emerge. If all goes well, they’ll become earrings, or stocking stuffers, or award winning films.

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