a piece

Morrison, taking us all to husband school this morning.

Me, looking at the picture that popped up in my memoryphone this morning, from my cousin’s wedding a few years back: Damn. I was a total piece.

Morrison: …What?

Me: I was a piece. Look at me.

Morrison: (carefully) Yes!

Me: I was such a PIECE! And I didn’t even know it!

Morrison (cautiously):….Yes.

Me: Maybe by that logic, I am STILL a piece, but I just don’t know it!

Morrison: (enthusiastically) Yes!

Me: Am I a piece, now?

Morrison: (definitely) Yes!

Me: It’s okay if I’m not though, right?

Morrison: Yes.

Me: Maybe I’ll be a piece, someday again?

Morrison: (neutrally) Yes!

Me: You’re still a piece.

Morrison: (humbly): Yes.

Me: Should we stop talking about this?

Morrison: (please, God) YES.

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