Sports: A Story

Given that the Super bowl is in LA today, everyone around me on my flight back to LA was all a twitter about the big Game. It basically went, Sports Sports Sports? and then a random person passing or sitting nearby would chime in, SPAH-ORTTTTTSSSS! In all of these snippets of conversations I didn’t understand, I kept hearing the word We. We didn’t get them last time. And We’ll get them this time. And We’re going to pull it off and we’ve earned this. I found myself thinking that it was nuts that these fans talk as if they are actually a part of team, out there Doing, when they’re just sitting on their couches, screaming and eating chips. But then I realized it’s no crazier than when We, this we being TV people? People who watch a lot of TV? talk about characters, imaginary made up people, as if they’re our friends, full humans who can betray us. And so Sports, just like TV, might just be about getting caught up in a Story. We all want to be a part of something that’s unfolding, claim our piece of it with our support our outrage or Point of view. It’s always, always about a Story. And Chips.

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