I’m just a Mother, sitting at an airport bar, waiting to fly home to my Person Baby, looking at pictures of my Show Baby, asking you to — nothing. Literally nothing. I have everything. A.D. 16 opened last night in a joyous explosion of color and sound and laughter and applause. It was a concert, it was a celebration. It high school. It was heaven? Can’t wait to see what happens next for this show, and more importantly, FOR THESE ACTOR PERSONS, OUT HERE JOIE DE VIVRE-ING FOR THE NEXT 5 WEEKS. Very grateful for them, and for my incredible co-parents. Watching my own plays, I feel mostly anxious and vulnerable. But with a musical, my part is just the book. Cinco (music / lyrics / story) and the director, Stephen, and choreographer, Katie, are just as much on the hook as I am, so I can just watch my baby sing. SINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!

Gorgeous pictures by Teresa Castracane Photography 

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