My favorite of my many favorite parts of the Olney’s production of A.D. 16 (CURRENTLY IN PREVIEWS! RUNS THROUGH MARCH 6! GET THEE TO MARYLAND!) is its gorgeous, massive rotating stage that boasts not ONE, not TWO, but THREE different sets. Coming from basement plays with rats for audiences, where you bring your own pillows from home as props, it always shocks me when my shows have actual production value. The cast and crew have named the Turn table Delilah, after Samson’s duplicitous wife. Delilah can be temperamental. She can be shy in Act 1, but really shines in Act 2. She does what she wants. At our first preview, she decided to freeze mid-transition for like two minutes while the actors stood there, holding their victorious poses. She’s our foundation, our question mark, our wow-factor. WE LOVE YOU, GIRL!

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