Let’s Talk

Behold! Our engagement pictures from seven years ago, that Facebook just reminded me of! I don’t so much look like this anymore. Oh, bangs. Maybe I could fashion those jeans into an apocalypse necklace? (STATION ELEVEN. IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW.) Morrison looks exactly like this still, but somehow better. I remember him being slightly annoyed, but patiently bringing the heat, and some point he announced, I think We’re Done. I’m in a gray, duck-ish hotel room in Maryland, missing him and the person we made. The night before I left, I said to him, what should we do tonight? Do you want to talk? And ever a lover of taking something literally, to the point of absurdity, he went down stairs and made a list of talking points. We then sat in our living room and discussed Marine Biology, Spreadsheets, and which of each other’s friends we like the most and least. Point being, I highly recommend scheduling time to just talk with your partner, even better if there’s a List. I also highly recommend marrying Morrison, NO WAIT, YOU CAN’T.

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