YOU get a hug, and YOU get a hug

Yesterday we hung out with my friend Morgan, whose son Leo is just a week younger than Joe. Leo ALSO likes to wake up pre-dawn with a massive to-do list so dear Morgan is rightfully exhausted. After a few hours of important playground business like Moving Rocks and Chasing Balls, we decided to call it and head home to re-attach ourselves to the threads we are hanging on by. Joe walked right up to Morgan and leaned into her, rest his head there, and hugged her for a good long time, so long that Leo was like, could you back off my Mom? At first I was jealous because I grew his ears So I wanted the hug, but then I realized that I was maybe witnessing a precious part of his personality that I may have passed onto him. I’m probably projecting too much onto the moment, but I think Joe might be an emotionally intuitive Hugger, like me. I can’t remember any of the Wars or when they started or what they were about, and all of my passwords are 1234, but DAMNIT, I KNOW WHEN SOMEONE NEEDS A HUG. Maybe Joe and I can make our way through life together like this, hugging others, sometimes each other, sometimes Ourselves.

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