I can do hard things

Yesterday I was confronted with something Hard ( I promise it’s NOT weightlifting) that I’ve been confronted with numerous times, a malicious broken record that only I can hear. I thought, I just wanna be on the other side of this hard thing. God, please put me on the other side. But then I remembered a talk I had a few months back with a man who’d lost his wife suddenly and tragically, and was left with two small children to raise. He told me he and his new wife’s mantra: We can do hard Things. Life kind of IS the hard things. Comfort can be deafening and paralyzing. It can rob you of your humanity and your empathy. So instead I thought, God, keep me in the Hard things. Keep me Alive. BUT ALSO IF YOU COULD IMMEDIATELY END THIS ONE PARTICULAR HARD THING FOR ME, THAT WOULD BE GREAT.

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