LISTEN, I’ve been receiving a REAL lack of support and understanding from certain LOVED ONES regarding the very OBVIOUS naming of our family Halloween costume. We were a family of bears, ie, we were BEARS REPEATING.


Fine. If you want to be on the Nose about it, We were the Three Bears. And it Was, and Is, my NEW FAVORITE HOLIDAY. Growing up we didn’t do halloween much, if anything we dressed up like Noah’s ark creatures and went to church? I think? As an adult I’ve never fully connected with it either. But for Joe’s first official Halloween we were all in. We introduced him to the seasonal concepts of shoving oneself into an uncomfortable costume, Realizing your costume doesn’t work and throwing something together last minute, approaching the homes of strangers and asking them for free presents, and marveling at other people’s costumes. So one might say it BEARS REPEATING that I have a renewed appreciation of this weird day. OKAY? IT DOES.

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