Deck Pics

I already posted this on Instagram but I wouldn’t be a true Punstetter if I didn’t also lay these Deck Pics here. Is this even a Pun? Or is it just a lame joke? OR IS A PUN A LAME JOKE? Either way. We re-did our deck! This is thrilling and noticeable basically to us, and us only. When we bought our house, the deck was the color of actual poop, with rotting wood and errant nails sticking out. We figured that by the time Joe started to walk (feeling like any day now) we should perhaps make it safe for him to walk on. And with Morrison’s careful planning, and after 2 weeks of fine and fast work, and a tiny fortune, our deck is as smooth and modern and earth toned as a celebrity’s granite bathtub. As a kitchen counter in a flipped house, as a Tesla, as a tumbled rock. WE LOVE DECK!

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