Mom Brain

I read an ARTICLE! the other day (sometimes I read full articles) about new research regarding the actual science behind Mom brain. Where did I read it? When was it written? I don’t know. Who’s asking? What are words? Is it Christmas yet? Is tomorrow Halloween 2019? Did I pay the thing? The article referenced new studies that confirm, of course, that Mom brain is an actual thing, nearly akin to Alzheimers. New Mothers experience loss of gray matter in the brain, and this loss is irreversible. This tracks as I find myself wandering into a room, literally searching for a lost word. But the uplifting part of the article that I keep thinking about, the Humans Beings are amazing part: New Mothers lose the word that means unsafe but not really, is that word precarious? but they gain heightened awareness of danger, and heightened sensitivity to their kid’s cry. So it’s not dumbness, it’s not brain death, it’s simply cleaning house, making space for new….what is the word. Things? Items. Packages. Priorities? Not that. But it’s close to that. It might be Ornaments. Or feelings. Or all of the words. Or none of them. While not being able to find words is of course problematic for a writer mother, I actually find that my heart breaks for literally everyone now, it’s made of tissue paper, so maybe that’s better, too. Maybe my writer heart is deeper, more vulnerable, more —

more –?


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