movie making machine

Hollywood can feel like a Template Movie Making Machine, and I am proudly and ashamedly part of it. Sometimes I’ll see a headline in the news and I can see myself three years in the future, watching it on Netflix. Like the above story about three women who realized they were all dating the same guy, became friends, renovated a school bus, and went on a road trip. Reading the article I can literally HEAR the clicks of some executive’s macbook pro as she hunts down the rights, I can see the self-deprecating zoom pitch, I can taste the multiple tiny ice cream sandwiches I consume while watching it. I mean, I would DEFINITELY watch it. But as a contributing member of the Machine, I’d like to make a small request. Can the young womens’ periods not sync up? Can they not just decide they don’t need guys but then one of them secretly needs a guy? And could we THINK that it’s an earnest, hilarious female friendship comedy, BUT THEN THEIR BUS BREAKS DOWN IN THE DESERT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER AND THEY MUST EAT EACH OTHER, OR AT THE VERY LEAST, DRINK THEIR OWN PEE?

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